Team Varsity

Jerry Wojenski

Jerry Wojenski

Chief Executive Officer

Clayton Hayer

Director of Property Operations

Kyle Conniff

Kyle Conniff

Senior Portfolio Manager

James Guidi

IT Manager

Chinaw Moyer

Human Resources Manager

Corey Toscano

Business Revenue Associate

Kyle Sholes

Business Development Associate

Sophia Zhan

Accounting Controller

Jeremy Bowker

Jeremy Bowker

Accounts Payable Coordinator

Keshanna Ellison

Accounts Payable Assistant

Leila Zhu

Property Accountant

Allen Cannon

Property Accountant

Teddy Li

Property Accountant

Kenneth Fox

Leasing and Ops Specialist

Billie Peterson

Portfolio Manager

Lydia Wallace

Regional Marketing Manager

Sumin Hoque

General Manager, Block 20

Alyssa Post

General Manager, Stonebridge Binghamton

Esvellyn Terrero

General Manager, Block 75

Austin Nunes

General Manager, Champions Club